“Ghetto The Series”: Watch it here and find out if it’s #smoochapproved !!!

The summers most highly anticipated mini series has come to an end. Yup, that’s right, if you’re feigning, no more weekly fixes of Ghetto until 2018.


Photo From: @eddarealist Instagram

Ghetto The series was everything I expected it to be, plus more! I’m talking raw real heart wrenching captivating etc. Special smooch out to creators Ed Da Realist (writer/director) and Mr Good Evening (film/music producer). They did an excellent job of capturing the ears and eyes of viewers all over with their dope story telling and visuals. The musical tracks heard throught episodes were added bonuses (be sure to check out his new album “Gift of the Struggle” via all major music streaming outlets).


Photo From: @eddarealist Instagram

The story of the family is one we know all too well. Father and mother dealing with the pressure to survive life and its struggles, while their children’s lives are negatively affected as a result of the parents choices due to life’s mishaps.

Im super curious to see how the story will continue, will Josh survive, will Toni have to bare having Whithers child, and whatever happened to the dad, did he get life, what?!

Stay tuned for season 2 coming 2018, I’ll have a specific day and month for you ASAP (logon daily). Until then enjoy season 1 below!

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Epissode 6


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