Is She Serious? : Kris Jenner Trademarking term “Momager?”


Photos From and movies.ndtv created by Sha Chantelle

Whose the fairest “Momager” of them all? 

Popular Mother and “Momager” to six, Kris Jenner has filed legal documents to own rights to the title “momager.” She wants to in fact be able to sue others if they use the term without her permission. Really though?

Lots of mothers who manage their super star children’s career, have come known to be called “momagers.” In my opinion, Ashanti’s mom, Tina Douglas, is the first show business mom to coin the term.

I was a big fan of music group Murda Inc. back in the day. Therefore, I followed lots of things they were a part of, such as one video shoot that was aired on television. In the behind the scenes footage I distinctively remember Mrs. Douglas talking about how she calls herself Ashanti’s “momager” being that she of course acted as her mom and manager.

But I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. Meanwhile, check out some of the most influential “momagers” in show business here.

Sha Chantelle


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