Another One! : DJ Khaled Pairs With Chris Brown Again for new single “How Many Times”

DJ Khaled proves why he’s “the best” once again with new single, “How many times.” Blessing the track is VA’s own Chris Brown along with Young Money King, Lil Wayne, and lastly, Big Sean, of Good Music, appears.

Of course I love love love Breezy’s bars toward the end of the song. Despite what some  (Haters) may say, I think he is just as good as he is a singer. The fact that I am a fan, is not what’s weighing in. It is however the fact that I can say unbiasedly, that Christopher Maurice Brown is an extremely talented force to be reckoned with. And its about time you folk start recognizing!

As for the track, it goes, its lit, it dope, it bangs, etc. etc. etc. What else is there for me to say, other than, the shit is like that!

Check it out! (Official Music Video Above)

Sha Chantelle


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