BFF to Kim Kardashian, Jonathan Cheban, despises “Ghetto Street Bullies”


Photo From: FameFlynet Pictures via

So we all know there has been tension for a while between the Kardashians and Tyga’s family (Blac Chyna) since rumors of he and Kardashian baby sister, Kylie Jenner, being an item began swirling around.

As a result Chyna and Kim are no longer friends. And now, Chyna’s new bud, Amber Rose (interestingly Kim’s husbands ex) and her are allegedly “bullying” Kylie. This is according to BFF of Kim Kardashian, Jonathan Cheban.

He is quoted saying “Kylie’s young, they’re not. They are bullies.” “Both of them are kind of street. They take it to another level and they’re always looking for a fight.” Cheban also makes it known that he has no issue blasting the two former strippers on his site, “I’ll put crazy videos of them up. People want to see them. It doesn’t get any classier with these two.” Feel Kylie’s pain he says, “I want to show them what it is like. I’m not taking sides. They’re too ghetto, too street. They’re bullies.”

Oh come on! Are you kidding me, the shit is just wrong plain and simple. It’s already bad enough that every friend that Kim brings around the Klan, ends up man-less because one of Kim’s sisters hooks up with them (i.e. Trina and French Montanna). But to make things worse, Kylie’s age is in fact, a BIG deal!

I mean what grown person, especially one with morals and values, would not agree that a 17 year old should not be dating a 25 year old. It just is not right. And I am in no way saying it is ok to keep poking at the situation, making yourself seem bitter. However, Chyna, indeed has right to feel some type of way.

Then, the extent people are going to, to take up for the two is ridiculous. Especially, Cheban, with his semi prejudice remarks.

Tyga, too, should be ashamed of himself; he’s going so hard, that he is refusing to do performances unless young Jenner is allowed. A mess!

Sha said it, sue me!


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