CMG Empire Hit!


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***Breaking News***

CMG CEO Yo Gotti has allegedly been shot! Sources say he was shot at Label, a night club in Charlotte NC.  

Supposedly shots were fired at a party thrown by Yo Gotti, Jeezy, and T.I. or probably one they were hosting rather. This was alleged by a party going source.

If this is true, hopefully he isn’t too badly wounded. If he is, whose going to hold down the CMG empire!?!

Footage may be seen here

**Stay Tuned for updates!**


Updated sources have reported that a shooting in fact did take place. However, there have been no reports of Yo Gotti being shot nor injured. You can see in the video where he is in plain view; the sound of the gun shots came from the direction in which he was standing.

Shots were allegedly fired directly from a gunman on stage.

-Sha Chantelle spilled the tea, now sip on that!


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