Take it to the courts because the streets aren’t sufficing!: Lil Wayne sues Baby for $51 million


Photo From: Nahadaily.com

Say it ain’t so… (sarcastically speaking) Baby and Lil Wayne are officially about to not be an item anymore, literally. Wayne most recently filed a lawsuit against Baby and Cash Money asking the judge to force an end to his contract.  He is also suing for $51 million dollars.

We all know a few months back Wayne went in on twitter about how he was fed up with Baby and Cash Money. He went on to express how they had a hold on “The Carter V” and that he no longer wanted ties with the label.

Since then, there have been a few interviews here and there and music being released that sum up this whole ordeal. Baby has done some in which he expresses loyalty etc. His “new love,” who seems to be doing most of the retaliating, Young Thug, has even gone as far as claiming that he believes that he’s greater than Wayne. In fact so great, that he is naming his album “The Carter VI” (how disrespectful!)

But the icing on the cake is this “Sorry for the wait 2” tape that Wayne just dropped. He went in the entire mixtape taking subliminal and non-subliminal shots at Baby and Cash Money. Check out a few tracks below!

Tea spilled by Sha Chantelle, now sip on that!


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