Cease la caca or else! says NeNe Leakes


Photo From: yourstylepal.com

It’s no secret that NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore aren’t fans of one another. So therefore it’s not surprising when Kenya takes every opportunity she has to throw shade at Nene. Well apparently NeNe has had enough ; she served Kenya with a Cease & Desist letter. And get this, it was on her (Kenya) birthday!

Now you know things are out of control when legal parties have to get involved. My thing is, why all the pettiness? It’s all petty if you ask me. I believe it all started when Keyna continued to befriend messy Marlo Hampton. Long story short NeNe wanted Kenya to stop being friends with Marlo since she no longer was. But honey boo boo child, how elementary school of you; the real world don’t work like that.

So now the two are no longer cool, but instead of not being friends and  agreeing to disagree, Kenya just cant seem to let go of NeNe. How so you ask, NeNe’s name stays on the tip of Kenya’s tongue. Whether she’s shading on the show or in a blog, the shade is real.

If you don’t like someone and vise versa leave it at that don’t go being  shady and reckless in any manner. That just shows that you’re really a fan of that person. And in my opinion they both admire each other, Nene does her ish talking too. Honestly all of the ladies do, I’m waiting for the day someone checks Kandi and her slick comments.

Check out the Cease & Desist letter 

Tea served by Sha Chantelle, now sip on that!


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