the sha chan show

It is an honor to welcome YOU to “The Sha Chan Show!” Here you will stay up to date with the latest and the hottest news, books, music, videos, photos, artists of all genres, fashion, and whatever else there is to update you about!

“The Sha Chan Show,” “home of the beauties and beasts” is a site where you can come and just kick it! Straight like that. ALWAYS feel free to express yourself. By all means, if you have any questions comments or concerns drop a line or two or three or fo (four) haha. The more and more you visit this site you’ll come to know that I can be very goofy at times, so don’t mind me. It’s all fun and entertainment anyhow!

Hope you guys enjoy and always feel at home when kicking it with “The Sha Chan show!” Tell a friend to tell a friend to check us out. “Don’t sleep, get familiar, we taking Over!” And always remember, “I love y’all because y’all love me.” xoxo


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